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About Close Up
Project Close Up is a week-long study of how our federal government works. Students go to Washington, DC, and visit historic sites, see the tourist attractions and get a first-hand view of how our government works. Highlights include: visiting Congress in session, meeting with our two senators from Minnesota and our representative, seeing the Supreme Court in session, visiting the Library of Congress, listening in on congressional hearings, taking part in discussions and simulations on government activities, seeing the White House, and of course touring around Washington.

Our Trip in 2016 will be during the middle of March. Students do fund-raising and collect money from our local organizations, like the Waterville Lions Club, which has been our biggest supporter over the years. The cost for the trip is between $2500-$2700, depending on the options we choose. This year we will be spending four and a half days in DC and two and a half in New York City.

The New York option allows students to see the United Nations, do ethnic neighborhood tours, see the World Trade Center monument, and go to a Broadway play. Other sites include: The Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, the Highline, a boat tour of the New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty, etc.