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Take advantage of scholarship opportunities!!!

7 months ago

WEM has a local scholarship packet that is distributed via Google Docs to students at the end of first semester. This packet includes directions specific to each scholarship listed in the packet. The WEM local scholarship packet is due 4/18/18. 

Scholarships that are not part of the local WEM scholarship packet are continuously being compiled on a shared 'Outside Scholarship' Google doc which has been shared with all Seniors.

External Scholarships: These scholarships are to be reviewed by the student and parent to determine eligibility. WEM is not affiliated with any of these scholarships. If you have specific questions it is the student's responsibility to seek help from the scholarship provider. Continue to check this document as it will be updated as more scholarships become available and brought to our attention. Scholarships have been shared with students through their school email account (Google Drive). Updates and additions to scholarships can be found under the students Google Drive account.