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Welcome ESCAPE Club

ESCAPE (Engaging Students Creating a Positive Environment) was founded by three Introduction to Law students in the fall of 2013. They created an advocacy group for a class project about bullying awareness and they found a strong interest within the school to promote a more positive environment. Since the start, the students have met over 20 times in the last year and a half to find creative ways to engage others in positive behaviors and to promote a positive environment.

ESCAPE - now a 21 student strong organization - has put on a presentation in the Junior High School, a speaker in the High School, and has engaged students in positive behavior such as positive post-its, handing out valentines, putting bullying statistics in the announcements, and hosting a winter drive to provide warm clothing for others in need.

Some of the goals of ESCAPE throughout this school year are to put on a presentation promoting a positive environment in the high school, go back to the junior high for another presentation, meet with the elementary, raise awareness about bullying and bystander behavior, find a positive way to creatively stop cyber-bullying, and, simply, promote a positive environment in which all students feel respected, responsible, safe, and positive.