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Foreign Exchange Club (FEC)
Sonia Ziemer started the Foreign Exchange Club (FEC) and is the FEC Advisor at WEM. They meet on the second Thursday of each month at noon in the High School Board Room, The Club is open to students in grades 9-12 who are interested in becoming an exchange student, supporting WEM exchange students, and attending activities throughout the school year. The FEC's biggest activity is going to the Festival of Nations in May. The Waterville Lions' Club supports this trip by paying for transportation and tickets to the event for active members.
Foreign Exchange Club 2019-20
Foreign Exchange Club 2019-20
(FRONT L-R): Spela Sorsak from Slovenia and Driver/Patty Whitehurst
(BACK L-R): Vanessa Baumann from Germany, Pablo Negro Sacristan from Spain, and Viktoria "Viki" Fuernkranz from Austria

Homecoming parade, September 2019
Foreign Exchange Club 2015-16
  Foreign Exchange Club 2015-16
Spending the year in the WEM School District are:

Anders Sandgaard from Denmark
Veronica Gu from China
Joaquin Kuntsman from Chile
Miriam Rubio from Spain