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Mrs Wold
My name is Danielle Wold and this is my first year with WEM high school. Though I grew up in the Twin Cities, I went to Bethany Lutheran College for my Bachelor's degree and later Minnesota State University- Mankato for my Master's degree. So, Mankato and Southwest MN have felt like home for a while now.

I am excited to start working with the high school student as WEM!
Welcome to WEM's High School Counseling Page
The goal of WEM's School Counseling Program is to meet the needs of all students, personally and academically, in an empathetic, proactive, accessible and professional manner. We believe that a comprehensive counseling and guidance program is an essential part of education for all students, at all levels. These programs facilitate student development in educational, career, and social/personal domains. Our program helps promote responsible, productive citizenship and lifelong learning. High School Counselors work with students in acquiring guidance competencies that form the foundation for the next educational and occupational levels as well as address personal, social and mental health concerns. They assist students to develop realistic educational, life and career plans based on a clear understanding of themselves, their needs, interests, and skills.

Danielle Wold
- High School Counselor - Grades 9-12
Danielle Wold
High School Counselor - Grades 9-12
507-362-4432 ext 282

Advanced Placement Courses

about 1 year ago

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

AP is a College Board program that offers high school students the opportunity to take rigorous, college-level courses and earn college credit while in high school. The content in AP courses is structured like college courses. Students who complete an AP course and take the end-of-course examination may qualify for college credit from postsecondary institutions, provided their score meets the institution’s credit policy. These courses help prepare students for further education and many colleges look favorably on transcripts that include AP coursework.

District 2143 offers the following Advanced Placement (AP) Courses:

Advanced European History


2 months ago

Concurrent enrollment

District 2143 partners with Southwest Minnesota State University to offer the following college credit courses to our high school students here. Students who successfully complete these courses generate both high school and college credit from the partnering postsecondary institution.

There is no cost to the student to participate in these courses, but there are entrance requirements. These courses provide high school students advanced skills today and greater flexibility when they enter the university setting full-time. That may include pursuing second majors and internships or studying abroad.

District 2143 offers the following Concurrent Enrollment Courses:

Lit 120, English 151, College Speech, Precalculus, Introduction to Geography, and Sociology.